aiSim 3.0

The world's first ISO26262 ASIL-D certified simulator tool


A new era in simulation

Simulation is needed extensively in the verification and validation pipelines of any automotive software or system development. This has been our vision for more than seven years now, and we have reached several major milestones over the years.  With the next generation of our in-house built simulator, aiSim 3.0,  our aim was to create something that the industry has never seen before. The result: a solution that offers a unique set of features which makes it capable of solving automated driving validation challenges.

The timeline of aiSim, aiMotive's automotive-grade simulator

Multi-client, multi-node simulation

aiSim 3.0's flexible and deterministic architecture makes it possible to extend the simulation to multiple clients present in the same interactive virtual world. It allows multi-control ECU simulation for complex arbitration of automated driving systems and testing of multiple "ego-vehicles" in the same environment. With the multi-node capability, aiSim can target complex, high-fidelity sensor setups for hardware-in-the-loop (HiL) simulation allowing the distribution of sensor simulation to multiple server nodes.

Physics-based sensor simulation with Vulkan API

Sensor simulation is critical to enabling the end-to-end testing of automated driving. aiSim relies on its in-house developed engine throughout the process providing an efficient and transparent pipeline for simulating sensors.  The Khronos Group’s Vulkan API provides a single interface towards the GPUs for all tasks required for the physics-based simulation of sensors, including cameras, LiDARs, radars, and ultrasonics. Vulkan’s hardware agnostic and open API has native support for raytracing and rasterization in multi-GPU environments enabling the realistic simulation of all sensor modalities even in real-time environments.

Real-time hardware-in-the-loop (HiL) support

HiL and vehicle-in-the-loop (ViL) is an essential step of any validation pipeline. aiSim’s engine brings high-fidelity environments and sensor simulation capabilities to strict real-time simulation, bridging the gap between large-scale testing and HiL. Integration with National Instruments’ Veristand framework allows the testing of ECUs or even complete vehicles equipped with complex sensor setups required for advanced automated driving. Alongside traditional HiL functions such as analyzing timing issues, simulating sensor failures, and fault injection testing, aiSim enables complex scenario-based verification in real-time environments creating a new method for virtual validation.

Next-generation user experience

Simulation is the only way to reach the level of maturity and confidence to release automated driving functions. From day one, aiSim has provided support for the automated execution and evaluation of tests integrated in continuous integration continuous deployment (CI/CD) toolchains. aiSim 3.0 brings integration with Cloud Service Providers' platforms to the next level by providing an infrastructure and framework for on-premises infrastructures, fully cloud-based operation, or hybrid methods. Automation is important, but a manual, forensics approach to simulation is essential as well. aiSim 3.0 comes with a standalone, user-friendly interface providing an easy way to create scenarios, sensor setups, change the weather and environmental parameters and analyze the results of the simulation in a single application.

Designed for validation through integration

Virtual validation is the holy grail of the automotive industry. To achieve a high correlation with the real world, a highly customized and well-integrated simulation toolchain creating an accurate digital twin is needed. aiSim 3.0 provides various APIs & a full SDK with examples on how to integrate 3rd party models or simulators to enable the realistic representation of sensors, traffic logic, and vehicle dynamics. aiSim – the first ISO26262, ASIL-D certified environment simulator – together with our industry-leading partners, provides the best solution for virtual verification & validation.
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