aiSim™ features

The world's first ISO26262 ASIL-D certified simulator tool

Use cases

Simulating road degradation, lane marking deterioration and other road features

In the latest version of aiSim, you can simulate sunny, foggy, rainy or snowy conditions and alter them, even making micro-adjustments in real-time, during a simulation, such as combining sunny weather with wet asphalt or poor visibility – all with just a few clicks.

Visualizing a broad range of camera types & related ground truth information in aiSim to speed up camera perception development

Synthetic data generated by aiSim can improve the performance of NN-based perception algorithms in a fast, safe, and cost-efficient way for highway autopilot applications

Interactive sensor configuration and physics-based weather simulation to maximize ODD coverage

Virtual testing of sensor calibration algorithms

Core features

Proprietary simulation engine

aiSim's essence is its purpose-built and the world's first ISO26262 certified sensor simulation engine, that ensures deterministic operation with verified results, while it helps meet the demand for high-fidelity sensor simulation to achieve the highest possible correlation between real-world and simulated tests.

Realistic sensor simulation

One of aiSim's key feature lies in realistic sensor simulation through physically correct weather simulation and procedurally generated light intensity. Currently, 20+ sensor models including automotive camera, radar, lidar, GPS and IMU are available for instant use. In addition, the Sensor API supports the integration of models developed by our customers or by their third-party vendors. Due to the wide range of robust sensor models, different sensor suites and their variations can be tested and validated rapidly.

Continuous integration & delivery (CI/CD)

aiSim is a simulation platform that can be easily integrated into existing test-driven development pipelines by design. Among others, it supports standardized interfaces, OpenDRIVE & OpenSCENARIO. In addition it provides Sensor API & SDK for external sensor models, Traffic interface with SUMO integration and FMI support for co-simulation.

Large scale testing from SiL to HiL

aiSim's highly flexible architecture supports the development of automated driving ODDs from L2 to L4, including Highway, Parking and Urban applications. The sophisticated orchestration and test evaluation framework is available on premises, as a cloud service and supports real-time operation in strict Hardware-in-the-Loop environment.

Scenario Editor

aiSim's proprietary tool enables users to easily create and edit scenarios for AD software testing on your own or by choosing from the existing database. Wide-spread parametrization options support modeling the expected traffic behavior and constraints. To ease integration into existing pipelines and to ensure map transitivity, scenarious can be imported through open formats such as OpenDrive or OpenScenario.

Standard compliance

Using aiSim's existing scenario database or your self-created scenarios you can easily verify and validate your system and software modules against Euro NCAP standards including ALKS, ACC, Lane Keeping and many additional AD functionalities.

Real-life to simulation

AImotive's patented method enables the rapid conversion of your public road data to simulated scenarios so you can quickly isolate potential problems or re-simulate and further modify any disengagements or driving incidents.

ECU testing & co-simulation

Verify system functionalities on the target ECU with deterministic, real-time operation mode integrated with the physical interfaces of sensors and communication
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