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About Us

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We are aiMotive

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The Company

AImotive is one of the largest independent teams in the world working on automated driving technologies. Developing self-driving software, proprietary simulation tools and neural network acceleration hardware IP, we are building an ecosystem to aid the deployment of automated driving. To catalyse industry collaboration our products are scalable, modular and hardware agnostic. We build on our team’s expertise in artificial intelligence, sensor fusion, 3D graphics and real-world automated driving workloads, developed utilizing our global test fleet, to support partners in realizing their automated driving goals.

The aiMotive story

László Kishonti is the founding CEO of aiMotive Kft. The company grew out of the founder's first company, Kishonti Kft., which created one of the world's leading graphic performance measurement software working with major industry players such as Apple, Nokia and Google. At a time of slowdown in the mobile market, the company has embarked on a path to developing artificial intelligence and began developing technologies to support automated driving in 2015. Today, aiMotive is one of the largest independent companies in the world in this field, and their work has been recognized with numerous professional awards. 

Product evolution

While developing the driving automation software platform aiDrive, it became clear that in order to achieve scalability, a low cost – high performance validation solution needed to be found. Stemming from the aviation industry’s approach to testing and the 3D visual background of the core team, aiSim, the dynamic virtual environment was developed. As products matured the team faced the issue of lacking purpose built automotive grade hardware for AI tasks. So the company tapped into AI acceleration hardware IP, and named it aiWare. By today all three interlinked, but individual products are having separate customers, but together provide AImotive with a unique understanding of the AD problem. 
Meet our experts

Our leadership team

László Kishonti

Chief Executive Officer

Arnaud Lagandré

Chief Commercial Officer

Krisztina Förhécz, CFA

Chief Financial Officer

Lajos Németh

Chief Operations Officer

Péter Kovács

aiDrive, SVP

Gergely Juhász

aiSim, SVP

Márton Fehér

aiWare, SVP

Dávid Kiss

Chief Innovation Officer

Gábor Pongrácz

aiDrive, Program Manager

Szabolcs Jánky

aiSim, Product Manager

Tony King-Smith

Executive Advisor

Péter Krómer

Investor Relations

Niall Berkery

United States, SVP

Axel Bialke

Japan, SVP

Alexandre Engelstein

Europe, SVP
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