Financed projects

Creating innovation value from the NRDI fund

Neural network accelerator chip design is being developed by AImotive partially financed by the NRDI fund

AImotive uses the funding to further develop the chip design needed to accelerate the neural networks that form the basis of artificial intelligence. The goal of the supported project is to develop target hardware that is 25 times more powerful than its competitors. AImotive is planning a solution that is uniquely capable of automatically processing image information and can be used in addition to self-driving cars, for example in virtual reality devices, or anywhere else where artificial intelligence needs to be applied with high efficiency.

AImotive and C3S take self-driving car technology from the road to space

AImotive uses funding for the development of high-performance on-board computer hardware that can be integrated into a large satellite environment. C3S will adapt AImotive’s aiWare NN hardware acceleration technology in its space electronics platform to enable high performance AI capabilities in small, power-constrained satellites. The results of this collaboration are expected to accelerate the commercialization of a wide range of services for both specialized and mass-market applications, such as telecommunications, Earth and space observation, autonomous satellite operation and others.
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