aiSim™ specifications

The world's first ISO26262 ASIL-D certified simulator tool


Technical details

Supported operating systems MS Windows
Linux (Ubuntu)
Compute compatibility Integrated Vulkan graphics and compute API by Khronos provides high-efficiency access to AMD, Intel, Nvidia GPUs
Supported hardware platforms Desktop (Notebook, PC)
On-premise server environment
Microsoft Azure Cloud
Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud
Integrations & supported standards MATLAB/Simulink
MATLAB - RoadRunner
IES profiles 
Functional Mock-Up Interface (FMI)
Open Simulation Interface
Robot Operating System (ROS) 2.0
Traffic model Scripted, deterministic traffic models
Traffic API to enable 3rd-party traffic model integration 
Fully supported and integrated SUMO open-source library
Sensor models Camera
Inertial measurement unit (IMU)
Component level tests available
Third-party sensor models available through Sensor API
Vehicle dynamics 10 different vehicle models including 2-wheelers, 4-wheelers, N-wheelers
Third party vehicle models through dynamically linked Vehicle Dynamics Interface or FMI
Scenario database 1,500+ pre-defined scenario templates for verification & validation
100+ event triggers  and 50+ evaluation condition parameters
Taggable parameters for random, fixed, adaptive, and monte-carlo sampling
Execution log replay 
Postprocess metrics
Scenario coverage of Industry standards ISO11270 - Lane Keeping Assistance Systems (LKAS)
ISO15622 - Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)
ISO17387 - Lane Change Decision Aid Systems (LCDAS)
Euro NCAP: Automated Emergency Braking, Lane Support Systems and additional Euro NCAP variants
NHTSA sample scenarios
Supported Operational Design Domains (ODDs) Automated Valet Parking - Perpendicular, parallel and angle scenarios, park out, search process & interruptions
Highway Autopilot - AEB, LKF, ACC, LCM, LCM-ER, TJA, Exit-Merge
Urban Autopilot: Inter-Urban, City Autopilot
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