Synthetic data generation

Introducing aiFab

Smart scenarios for training data and large-scale testing has never been so easy

aiSim has already been the most flexible ADAS & AD simulator with open interfaces for scenario and content injection and manipulation. It got even better by providing an intuitive user interface, aiFab, fully integrated into the aiSim workflow. It has never been this easy to generate a large amount of training data for complex multi-modal sensor setups or generate validation scenarios to be executed in aiSim’s ISO26262-certified simulation engine with just a few clicks.

Synthetic data at scale

Great volumes of diverse data are essential for training and testing automated driving software with aiFab's domain randomization, we can generate an unlimited amount of synthetic data with the variability needed to replicate real-world conditions.

Scenario variation

Testing complex automated driving functionalities cannot happen without the extensive use of simulation, aiFab can generate scenarios at scale, allowing for efficient testing enabling exploratory testing or metrics-driven adaptive testing to reveal edge cases for the AD software.

Detailed statistics and visual feedback

Our platform provides detailed statistics and visual feedback fully customizable to customers’ needs, allowing them to gain a comprehensive understanding of the generated data, and fill any gaps in their real-world datasets easily with various scenarios such as near-collision events, debris on the road, or severe weather conditions.

Building on industry-leading aiSim 

aiSim enables high-fidelity sensor simulation that produces outputs indistinguishable from the real world, while ensuring physically correct simulation. Along with the physics-based camera, radar & lidar feeds it provides perfect ground-truth information including semantic & instance segmentation, optical flow, depth & object-level data.

Easy-to-use UI

No matter your use case, you can navigate our intuitive user interface effortlessly. Simplify complex data generation, scenario customization, and analysis within the aiFab workspace and access all the advanced domain randomization tools of aiSim from a single UI.

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