aiSim 5

The world’s first ISO26262 ASIL-D certified simulator tool

aiSim 5: Pioneering Next-Gen AutoGI for ADAS/AD Simulation

The future of autonomous driving is here with aiSim 5, a groundbreaking simulator powered by AI-based content creation, highly optimized sensor simulation, and deterministic, reproducible environments. Experience innovation that goes beyond the limits of conventional simulation, setting a new standard for realism, adaptability, and industry trust. This latest release not only continues our legacy of having the best and fastest simulator but also marks a shift toward automated testing at scale.

aiSim 5 provides an ideal testing environment to investigate and validate AD systems' performance in high-mileage tests and adverse driving scenarios, focusing on virtual, high-fidelity sensor data. Why? Check out some of the main features of aiSim 5:

Lidar and radar visualization of aiMotive's aiSim simulator

Environment & weather

Simulate challenging weather conditions, including snowstorms, heavy rain, fog, and sunshine, all based on the laws of physics, enabling run-time changes in the environmental conditions.

Physics-based sensors

Simulate complex sensor setups in real-time, 20+ cameras, 10+ radars, 10+ lidars in the same environment, supported by distributed rendering over multiple GPUs.

aiSim, aiMotive's automotive-grade simulator certified by TÜV Nord

Automotive grade

aiSim is the world’s first ISO 26262, ASIL-D-certified automotive simulator for verification and validation. The certification covers all its capabilities, including the simulation of all major sensor modalities.

HIL ingestion card used by aiSim

Cloud-native UI & Open SDK 

All the functionalities are available in a cloud-native UI, ensuring a smooth user experience. In addition, aiSim’s open SDK allows developers to create custom integrations into their testing toolchains.

A laptop and HIL hardware illustrating aiSim's open architecture

Extensive 3D asset library & mature content pipeline 

aiSim 5 provides a comprehensive set of 3D assets and all related tools needed to set up diverse, high-fidelity environments, including vehicles, vulnerable road users, maps, assets, and scenarios.

A city road at night simulated by aiSim

aiFab – synthetic data generation 

Create great volumes of diverse synthetic data with the variability needed to replicate real-world conditions for training and testing your AD software with aiFab’s domain randomization capabilities.

AI-based Rendering

aiSim AIR engine

The cornerstone of aiSim 5 is aiSim AIR, bringing AI-based rendering for multi-sensor simulation. Offering high-quality virtual sensor data streams while optimizing resource usage, aiSim™ AIR introduces features such as high parallelism, reduced memory footprint, balanced workloads, and asynchronous data transfer – while keeping all the benefits of the previous aiSim generations.

Driving your development

Features & benefits

aiSim is designed to accelerate the development of your ADAS & AD software. Scroll down and see what we can bring to the table.

Multi-sensor simulation powerhouse

Experience the evolution in simulation with aiSim™ AIR, the beating heart of aiSim 5. Delivering unparalleled performance, it optimizes resources, ensures ISO26262 compliance, and seamlessly transitions between real-time HiL to SiL – all with cutting-edge AI-based rendering techniques for a truly immersive experience.

Synthetic data generation on another level

Discover a new era in simulation with aiSim, now enriched by aiFab. Redefining smart scenario creation, aiFab seamlessly integrates into the aiSim workflow, offering features like scenario variation, detailed statistics, and an intuitive user interface. Using large language model-based techniques, aiFab simplifies environment and scenario creation, making smart scenarios more accessible than ever before.
Click here to see aiFab's features

Easy to use and easy to adapt

With aiSim 5 comes a new level of accessibility and adaptability. Boasting open APIs for sensors, scenario & map management, and vehicle dynamics, along with a comprehensive SDK featuring example codes across multiple platforms, aiSim 5 seamlessly integrates with industry-standard toolchains, ensuring unprecedented interoperability. Experience user-friendly interaction through an intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI) and web deployment.

Deterministic environment and weather simulation

ADAS & AD functions heavily rely on sensors to perceive the environment. For this, it is essential to simulate the environment perception of the involved sensors correctly. aiSim 4's state-of-the-art technology that appropriately simulates the physical environment and weather effects. It can consistently provide a single source of truth for all the simulated types, which is crucial for  multi-sensor, neural network-based perception systems.

aiSim's proprietary, real-time rendering engine addresses all the requirements for a physically correct environment and weather simulation with complete determinism and repeatability. In aiSim 4, a broad range of weather conditions, including snowstorms, heavy rain, fog, and sunshine, can be simulated by leveraging state-of-the-art ray-tracing and rasterization technologies. In addition, multiple road parameters, including road painting deterioration and road degradation, can be easily configured to create even more diverse and challenging environments for perception stacks.

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Operating Systems

Supported operating
systems include
Microsoft Windows
and Linux Ubuntu


Compatibility with OpenSCENARIO, OpenDRIVE, Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI) and more

Hardware platforms

Runs on desktop (Notebook, PC), on premises-server environment, Microsoft Azure Cloud and Amazon Web Services Cloud

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