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The most advanced pipeline for automated driving

Developing automated driving requires a complete, mature toolchain to collect, generate, use and manage the data needed for a safe and robust solution. Our in-house developed modules and tools not only enable you to have a competitive, scalable system but does it in such a way that all the data remains yours, royalty-free!

Automated data collection

aiData Recorder is focusing on gaps and edge cases: reference sensor design, calibration toolkit, recording and data upload software solution.

Automated annotation

Multi sensor AI-based automatic annotation for dynamic and static objects with industry-leading precision

Synthetic data generation

High-fidelity sensor simulation enabling outputs indistinguishable from the real world, combined with domain randomization to ensure variability effortlessly 

Integrated metrics evaluation

Tracks development progress against requirements and provides real-time insights and data gap analysis.

Data Versioning System

aiData Versioning System enables precise measurement of the effect of adding new data to fill gaps & tracks usefulness of collected data

Data-driven pipeline for AD

Proprietary data pipeline reduces the complexity of the processing with high automatization while still ensuring automotive quality

Tools, features & benefits

Data is the new oil in automated driving – check out the tools and features of aiData, our best-in-class data pipeline!

aiData Recorder

  • Synchronized, smart data collection on scale
  • Designed to be sensor agnostic 
  • Internal reference implementation on various vehicle models with various sensor setups

aiData Auto Annotator

  • Automated edge-case mining and active learning to reduce storage and compute costs
  • Automated annotation and knowledge transfer to reduce annotation costs
  • Real-world to model-space scenario extraction
  • Simultaneous annotation of all sensors with a consistent 4D (space + time) environment model
  • 100% precision for static object annotation
  • 90%+ precision for dynamic object annotation


  • Highest fidelity sensor data generation 
  • Automated generation of scenario variations based on parameter sweep, randomization or Monte Carlo methods
  • Replicates variability in real-world data with domain randomization

aiData Metrics

  • Comprehensive tool for evaluation of NN algorithms and detection SW
  • Interfaceable with requirement management tools
  • Built-in visualization for quick assessment 
  • Flexible output format for post-processing and integration

aiData Versioning System

  • Reproducibility of the network structure, training data sets and training method that led to a specific neural network
  • Understanding the strengths and gaps in the data
  • Transparency of algorithm performance in different conditions
  • Precise measurement of the effect of adding new data to fill gaps
  • Track usefulness of collected data
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