Embedded solutions

Efficiency is the name of the game

Neural processing unit for the future

Efficiency is in the DNA of all the products we develop at aiMotive. Our hardware team optimizes aiWare, our hardware IP for neural network acceleration, to create an IP that is future-ready for next-generation automotive neural network workloads while achieving industry-leading efficiency.


The world’s most advanced data pipeline for automated driving

aiMotive delivers an integrated product portfolio amplified by proprietary data tools. It enables customers to efficiently roll out automated driving features and bridge their technology gaps while decreasing their development costs by orders of magnitude. aiMotive provides more than just software: its reusable, efficient data and simulation pipeline decreases automotive players’ time to market. aiSim accelerates the feature evolution of aiDrive, while aiDrive ensures aiSim is capable of validating complex automated driving solutions. Seeing the real-world workloads of aiDrive, our hardware team optimizes aiWare to provide the best possible efficiency, creating an IP that overcomes the limitations of current automotive hardware platforms. In addition, aiData, our proprietary data pipeline provides the foundation on which our other solutions can build and reduces the complexity of the processing with high automatization — while ensuring automotive quality.

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Automated data collection


Automated annotation


Synthetic training data generation


Integrated metrics evaluation

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Automated driving platform for all levels of autonomy

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Virtual validation suite from concept to production

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Highest efficiency inference for Automotive AI


aiDVS – Data versioning system

Proprietary data pipeline reduces the complexity of the processing with high automatization but still ensuring automotive quality

NPU hardware IP

The aiWare hardware IP Core delivers high performance at low power, thanks to its class-leading high efficiency and highly optimized hardware architecture. With up to 256 Effective TOPS, aiWare is highly scalable, so can be used in applications from sensor edge processors and domain/zone controllers to high-performance centralized processing.

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aiWare studio

The aiWare Studio SDK has been recognized and acclaimed by OEMs and Tier1s around the world for its innovative approach to embedded CNN optimization, focusing on iterating the NN itself, not just the NPU code used to execute it. Offline performance estimation enables 90%+ of the workload optimzation to be done without needing any target hardware, slashing months off development timescales.
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