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Empowering Future Mobility: The Evolution of aiDrive

What began as a vision in 2015 has transformed into aiDrive – the technological cornerstone propelling Stellantis' future vehicles. From day one, we've tirelessly crafted efficient solutions. Today, aiDrive stands as a testament to our unyielding commitment to innovation, cementing our role in shaping the automated driving landscape.

Up until the end of 2022, aiDrive served as our flagship product, representing our cutting-edge technology in the field of autonomous driving. It was highly acclaimed by our customers and played a significant role in establishing our reputation as an industry leader. Following our acquisition, aiDrive is now used exclusively by Stellantis to develop AutoDrive 2.0, their next-generation automated driving system.

Driving our development

How aiDrive helps our other products

We are solving the ADAS & AD industry's biggest challenges with a holistic approach – having an end-to-end simulator, an efficient hardware accelerator IP design and a data pipeline. Scroll down and see how aiDrive helped us to create state-of-the-art products that are now helping the automotive industry to develop ADAS and AD solutions faster and more efficiently.

aiSim – virtual validation suite from concept to production

The intensive use of aiSim by aiDrive developers not only leads to the development of an ever-increasing number of relevant features to virtually test and validate software stacks but also to the validation of the aiSim toolchain through continuous comparisons between real scenarios collected and virtual ones.
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aiData – the most advanced pipeline for AD

In-house AD development serves as the foundation of our comprehensive understanding of real data requirements. The aiDrive team continuously drives the KPIs and requirements in terms of data coverage, quality, and accuracy to make aiData the best-in-class data pipeline for ADAS/AD software stack development. Our solution is already serving the data needs of production L2+-L3 development.
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aiWare – NN Acceleration for Automotive AI

aiWare was developed ground-up to cater to the problem of efficient NN acceleration for automated driving (AD). aiDrive underpins our knowledge of neural network workloads used in real-world AD workloads, and aiWare engineers work closely with the aiDrive team to understand requirements and pain points. As aiDrive evolves to support increasingly advanced features, it directly benefits aiWare, making it unique amongst other competing NPU IPs.
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