The world’s first ISO26262 ASIL-D certified simulator tool

Virtual validation suite from concept to production 

Simulation has long been a staple of aviation, which boasts much higher safety levels than road transport. While the automotive industry also relies on simulation, automated driving presents a new challenge. The importance of simulation is illustrated by Euro NCAP announcing it will increasingly rely on simulation for future safety tests. As a complete CI/CD simulation pipeline, aiSim is a purpose-built solution to address this challenge.

Lidar and radar visualization of aiMotive's aiSim simulator

Perception testing

Physics-based sensor simulation​

Large-scale scenario testing in aiMotive's aiSim simulator

Large-scale testing

End-to-end testing of complete systems ​

aiSim, aiMotive's automotive-grade simulator certified by TÜV Nord

Verification and validation

ISO 26262 ASIL-D qualification (TÜV)​

HIL ingestion card used by aiSim

Real-time, end-to-end HiL 

Simulation of the most complex sensor setup​s

A laptop and HIL hardware illustrating aiSim's open architecture

Open architecture

Easy integration with 3rd party tools and models​

A city road at night simulated by aiSim

Virtual scenario generation

Rapid conversion of the public road data to simulated scenarios (Patented, 2018)

Do you think you can tell the difference between simulation and the real world?

Watch the features of aiSim™

The world's first

ISO 26262 ASIL-D
certified simulator

aiSim has been certified to TCL 3 according to ISO 26262:2018 by TÜV-Nord making it the world’s first ISO26262 certified automated driving simulator

Fast and Efficient


At aiMotive, we have created a unique CI/CD development pipeline that relies on simulated and real-world data to ensure safe development

Flexible and Robust

Simulation platform to scale processes

Due to its modular design our partners can approach the simulator as an SDK and implement its different modules while continuing to enjoy its core advantages

Driving your development

Features & benefits

Each of our products are designed to accelerate the realization of your automated driving goals. Scroll down and see what we can bring to the table.

Proprietary simulation engine

aiSim's essence is its purpose-built rendering engine, that ensures deterministic operation with verified results, while it helps meet the demand for highly realistic sensor simulation to achieve the highest possible correlation between real-world and simulated tests.
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Realistic sensor simulation

aiSim's operation is based on realistic sensor simulation through physically correct weather simulation and procedurally generated light intensity. Currently, 20+ sensor models are available for instant use including automotive camera, radar, lidar, GPS and IMU. In addition, the Sensor API supports the integration of models developed by our customers or by their third-party vendors. Due to the wide range of robust sensor models, different sensor suites and their variations can be tested and validated rapidly.
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Continuous integration & delivery (CI/CD)

aiSim is designed to be a simulation platform that can be easily integrated into existing development pipelines. Among others, it supports standardized interfaces, OpenDRIVE & OpenSCENARIO. In addition it provides Sensor API & SDK for external sensor models, Traffic interface with SUMO integration and FMI support for co-simulation.
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Operating Systems

Supported operating
systems include
Microsoft Windows
and Linux Ubuntu


Compatibility with OpenSCENARIO, OpenDRIVE, Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI) and MATLAB/Simulink

Hardware platforms

Runs on desktop (Notebook, PC), on premises-server environment, Microsoft Azure Cloud and Amazon Web Services Cloud

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