The world’s first ISO26262 ASIL-D certified simulator tool

Virtual validation suite from concept to production 

Simulation has long been a staple of aviation, which boasts much higher safety levels than road transport. While the automotive industry also relies on simulation, automated driving presents a new challenge. The importance of simulation is illustrated by Euro NCAP announcing it will increasingly rely on simulation for future safety tests. As a complete CI/CD simulation pipeline, aiSim is a purpose-built solution to address this challenge.

Lidar and radar visualization of aiMotive's aiSim simulator

Environment & weather

Simulation of various weather conditions, including snowstorms, heavy rain,
fog, and sunshine, using state-of-the-art raytracing rendering technology and particle simulation.

Physics-based sensors

Simulation of complex sensor setups 
in real-time, supported by distributed 
rendering over multiple GPUs allowing for 
highly optimized execution and complete 

aiSim, aiMotive's automotive-grade simulator certified by TÜV Nord

Synthetic data at scale

High-fidelity sensor simulation en-
abling outputs indistinguishable from 
the real world, combined with domain 
randomization to ensure variability 
effortlessly with aiFab. 

HIL ingestion card used by aiSim

Cloud-native UI & Open SDK 

All the functionalities are available in a 
cloud-native user interface, ensuring 
a smooth user experience. In addition, 
aiSim’s open SDK allows developers to 
fully leverage aiSim’s capabilities.

A laptop and HIL hardware illustrating aiSim's open architecture

Mature 3D asset pipeline

aiSim 4 provides an extensive set of 3D 
assets and all related tools needed to set 
up a diverse, high-fidelity 3D environ-
ment, including vehicles, vulnerable road 
users, maps, 3D assets, and scenarios.

A city road at night simulated by aiSim

Automotive grade

aiSim is the world’s first ISO 26262 
certified automotive simulator for veri-
fication and validation. The certification 
covers all its capabilities, including the 
simulation of all major sensor modalities.

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Driving your development

Features & benefits

aiSim is designed to accelerate the development of your ADAS & AD software. Scroll down and see what we can bring to the table.

Real-time, deterministic simulation engine

aiSim’s proprietary rendering engine was designed to address all requirements for a physically correct weather & environment simulation, providing advanced end-to-end testing capabilities from large-scale test pipelines to challenging HiL setups. In aiSim 4, a broad range of weather & environmental conditions, including snowstorms, heavy rain, fog, and sunshine, can be simulated by leveraging state-of-the-art rasterization & ray-tracing rendering technologies. In addition, road painting deterioration and road degradation can be easily configured to create even more challenging environments for perception systems.
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Physics-based sensor models

Sensor simulation is a pivotal piece of the testing pipeline for automated driving software stacks, as the information on the surroundings of the autonomous vehicle is acquired through the sensors. A physics-based approach is required in modeling sensors to accurately generate a comprehensive range of simulated conditions, environmental interactions, and sensor performance degradations. In aiSim 4, an extensive library of physics-based and validated sensor models is available, including cameras, lidars, radars, and ultrasonic sensors.
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Synthetic data generation at scale

aiSim, combined with aiFab, supports the simple generation of scenarios at scale, with domain randomization, to replicate the great variability in real world data. It covers locations and assets for various AD use cases, including highway, urban, and parking scenarios. Once the data is generated, it provides statistics and visual feedback, so that users can have a detailed understanding of their synthetic data.
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Operating Systems

Supported operating
systems include
Microsoft Windows
and Linux Ubuntu


Compatibility with OpenSCENARIO, OpenDRIVE, Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI) and MATLAB/Simulink

Hardware platforms

Runs on desktop (Notebook, PC), on premises-server environment, Microsoft Azure Cloud and Amazon Web Services Cloud

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