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AImotive names new CCO

Arnaud Lagandré joins with 25 years of automotive experience

Introducing aiWare4

Advanced wavefront processing, upgraded safety and low-power features

aiSim 3.0 builds on Vulkan api

Platform agnostic solution to validate automated driving

Re-imagine mobility with the VISION-S

aiMotive and Sony are working together to ensure L2+ ADAS capabilities

aiMotive's Mission & Vision

We help OEMs & Tier1s become leaders in automated driving technologies

With our automated driving software solutions our automotive partners can accelerate their development time and reduce costs so they can become leaders in ADAS and software-related experience. Our vision has not changed since our foundation: we would like to enable everyone to enjoy the benefits of automated driving.

Modular solutions

Use modular, hardware agnostic full-stack solutions or cherry-pick modules from our product suite


Developed in accordance with automotive standards for design and implementation

Open ecosystem

Our ecosystem complements any internal development, or works as a standalone solution

What we do

Our holistic approach

Since day one we looked at driving automation as a complex problem and worked on a holistic solution instead of isolatedly specializing on a narrow territory. Our expertise is in the combination of these pillars that make autonomous driving a reality. This holistic approach tackles three main industry challenges: software, development and validation tools, and processing hardware. aiMotive's market-ready products enable our partners to quickly deploy affordable advanced ADAS and automated driving solutions.

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Asset Publisher

7 October 2021

Which sounds scarier: a robot cutting you open or driving you to work?

A 2020 survey showed that most respondents would be more comfortable letting a robot perform surgery on them than sitting in a car with autonomous tech in it. Would you?

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27 July 2021

We are on a mission – To save 1.2 million lives every year  

Lately, attention is turning towards self-driving cars again. Some people envision driverless vehicles in the next couple of years; others struggle with the idea to trust a "robot" with their life. While some fear artificial intelligence with evil intentions, it might be time to wonder what are the ultimate goals that drive us and the teams at the heart of the AD and ADAS industry forward? 

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15 July 2021

End-to-end HiL testing with aiSim to maximize coverage

The aiSim team adapted the Hardware-In-the-Loop testing approach with a unique spin on the concept that allows for testing complete automated driving systems with live simulated sensor data without any prerecorded footage. In this post, I will provide some insights into the benefits and challenges of introducing this powerful and exciting new feature to aiSim.

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