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Complete solution to a complex problem

Developing software, simulation tools and hardware IP provides an in-depth understanding of the demands automated driving places on each technology. aiSim accelerates the feature evolution of aiDrive, while aiDrive ensures aiSim is capable of validating automated driving solutions. Seeing the real-world workloads of aiDrive, our hardware team optimizes aiWare to provide the best possible efficiency, creating an IP that overcomes the limitations of current automotive hardware platforms.

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Modular software for automated driving

Modular, hardware agnostic full-stack automated driving software enabling all levels of automation

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Validation suite from concept to production

Comprehensive purpose-built validation tool for automated driving from concept to production

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Hardware IP
for Automotive AI

Power-efficient, low-latency hardware Intellectual Property designed for automotive AI inference

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Why work with us?

We bring affordable automated driving to all with:

Lasting partnerships

Solving challenges at every stage of our partners’ automated driving journey with dedicated and active support

Collaborative mentality

Our scalable and modular product suite complements any internal development, or works as a standalone solution

Strong automotive traction

We collaborate deeply with our automotive OEM and Tier1 partners to ensure quick development and advance projects globally

Unique approach

Our products address all key industry challenges from testing to validation, from development to deployment

Unparalleled expertise

We understand each distinct challenge of automated driving: software, validation, hardware and deployment

A team you can trust

Our world-class team of seasoned professionals brings top international automotive talent together