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About AImotive solutions

Holistic approach to automated driving

Developing software, simulation tools and hardware IP provides an in-depth understanding of the demands automated driving places on each technology. aiSim accelerates the feature evolution of aiDrive, while aiDrive ensures aiSim is capable of validating automated driving solutions. Seeing the real-world workloads of aiDrive, our hardware team optimizes aiWare to provide the best possible efficiency, creating an IP that overcomes the limitations of current automotive hardware platforms.

Accelerated feature evolution

with AImotive's product suite

– Unique tools to rapidly identify and solve complex or dangerous scenarios 
– Massive scale annotated data generation for AI pre-training

Overcoming hardware limitations

with aiDrive automated driving software

– Testing and validation of software on automotive grade hardware platforms
– Scalability enables quick deployment of automated driving features

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Purpose-built simulation

with aiSim, the world's first automotive grade simulation tool

– A single tool for validation and verification from automated driving R&D to production
– Understanding the requirements of testing automated driving systems

Efficient automotive AI inference

with aiWare's excellent performance and low power consumption

– Dedicated hardware IP optimized for real-world workloads of automated driving
– Deep understanding of automotive neural networks