aiMotive Unveils aiSim 5: Pioneering Next-Gen AutoGI for ADAS/AD Simulation

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aiSim 5 simulation scene with vehicles in a US urban environment

Written by aiMotive / Posted at 1/4/24

aiMotive Unveils aiSim 5: Pioneering Next-Gen AutoGI for ADAS/AD Simulation

Revolutionary AGI integration sets a new standard in deterministic and reproducible environments

In a groundbreaking move, aiMotive introduces aiSim 5, heralding a new era of automated driving simulation infused with cutting-edge Automotive General Intelligence (AutoGI). This latest release transforms simulation dynamics with a deterministic and reproducible environment, shaping the future of automotive innovation.

Introducing the aiSim AIR engine

The cornerstone of aiSim 5 is aiSim AIR, a performance powerhouse for multi-sensor simulation. Offering high-quality synthetic sensor data while optimizing resource usage, aiSim AIR introduces features such as high parallelism, reduced memory footprint, balanced workloads, and asynchronous data transfer – while keeping all the benefits of previous aiSim generations, such as ISO26262 compliance, complete determinism, enabling seamless transitioning between real-time Hardware-in-the-Loop (HiL) to Software-in-the-Loop (SiL). aiSim AIR incorporates rasterization, raytracing, and AI-based rendering techniques to apply state-of-the-art technologies like Neural Radiance Fields (NeRF) and 3D Gaussian splatting to bring the virtual worlds even closer to reality.

Synthetic data generation on another level, with aiFab

aiSim has already been the most flexible ADAS & AD simulator with open interfaces for scenario and content injection and manipulation. It got even better by providing an intuitive user interface, aiFab, fully integrated into the aiSim workflow. aiFab redefines smart scenario creation with features like scenario variation, detailed statistics, and an intuitive user interface. Leveraging large language model-based techniques, aiFab simplifies environment and scenario creation, making smart scenarios more accessible than ever.

Easy to use and easy to adapt

aiSim 5 prioritizes accessibility and adaptability. Equipped with open APIs for sensors, scenario & map management, vehicle dynamics, and a complete SDK with example codes on multiple platforms, it seamlessly integrates with industry-standard toolchains. Compatible with ROS2, Autoware, FMU, and ASAM’s OpenCRG, OpenSCENARIO, OpenDRIVE, and OpenMATERIAL, aiSim 5 offers unprecedented interoperability with other tools. Moreover, intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI) and web deployment.

Endorsed by the industry

aiSim 5 has gained the trust of automotive industry leaders, including autonomous trucking companies, large traditional automakers, and electric car OEMs. Cementing strategic partnerships with Foretellix, Mathworks, Macnica, HongKe, NI, dSpace, and B-Plus, aiSim 5 showcases its versatility with diverse use cases, such as camera simulation and sensor data injection.

“aiSim 5 is a milestone, combining AGI with deterministic simulation,” said Daniel Tosoki, aiSim Product Director. “Its impact on the industry is profound, offering an unparalleled bridge between innovation and reliability. The integration of AutoGI not only propels the boundaries of what's achievable in automotive simulation but also reinforces our commitment to shaping the future of mobility. In an era demanding cutting-edge technology and dependable solutions, aiSim 5 emerges as a catalyst for unprecedented advancements in the autonomous driving landscape.”