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Microchip illustrating the importance of software in the automotive industry

17 February 2022

Why software-driven scalable hardware enables better AD

The choice of hardware platform for tomorrow's ever-more-complex vehicles is a daunting prospect. Many designers select the most flexible hardware they can find, as it has the best chance to accommodate software developed in the years ahead.

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AVL and aiMotive's joint whitepaper illustrated by a whitepaper mock-up

17 November 2021

Testing Method for ADAS/AD Systems using an Open and Consistent Toolchain

aiSim high-fidelity sensor & environment simulation and AVL tools provide a flexible solution for testing automated emergency manoeuvres end-to-end. Check out our latest joint whitepaper about this topic.

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27 November 2020

Exploiting parallelism in NN workloads to realize scalable, high performance NN acceleration hardware

Conventional wisdom says to execute a huge computation task like AI you need a single huge processor. In our latest white paper, Tony King-Smith explains how by understanding the inherent parallelism in NN algorithms used in automotive AI systems, multiple smaller processors can deliver the same throughput with superior scalability, flexibility and robustness.

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14 May 2020

Case Study: silicon excellence + system & algorithm excellence = solution excellence

This case study, explores the path Nextchip took to create something truly unique. By looking beyond the requirements of the hardware itself to the solutions their customers needed, Nextchip found a supplier of industry-leading hardware IP in AImotive.

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