• Two automated driving cars developed by aiMotive
    aiData – Foundation for our solutions
    Exceptional pipeline
    for automated driving
  • Two automated driving cars developed by aiMotive under a highway pass
    aiDrive – Reusable software modules
    The AD platform
    for all levels of autonomy
  • Automated dricing car model created by aiSim, aiMotive's automotive-grade simulator
    aiSim – In-house developed validation suite
    Simulator for large-scale,
    comprehensive testing
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aiMotive announces aiData

The most advanced pipeline for automated driving

aiMotive announces aiDrive 3.0

Revolutionary virtual sensor technology brings unparalleled data re-use for all levels of autonomy

Nextchip licenses aiWare4 for Apache6

The fully ASIL-B compliant, cost-effective SoC targets advanced automotive vision and domain controller applications

aiMotive opens Munich office 

Expansion to German automotive hub highlights our growth as an automotive supplier 

aiMotive's Mission & Vision

We help OEMs & Tier1s become leaders in automated driving technologies

With our automated driving software solutions our automotive partners can accelerate their development time and reduce costs so they can become leaders in ADAS and software-related experience. Our vision has not changed since our foundation: we would like to enable everyone to enjoy the benefits of automated driving.

Modular solutions

Use modular, hardware agnostic full-stack solutions or cherry-pick modules from our product suite


Developed in accordance with automotive standards for design and implementation

Open ecosystem

Our ecosystem complements any internal development, or works as a standalone solution

What we do

Our holistic approach

Since day one we looked at driving automation as a complex problem and worked on a holistic solution instead of isolatedly specializing on a narrow territory. This holistic approach tackles three main industry challenges: software, development and validation tools, and processing hardware. Our expertise is in the combination of these pillars that make autonomous driving a reality. aiMotive's market-ready products enable our partners to quickly deploy affordable advanced ADAS and automated driving solutions. 

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Asset Publisher

28 July 2022

Data recording — the right way

Our newest product, aiData, became available to selected partners a few months ago. The product includes five tools that can help partners and customers, ranging from data capture to data processing. In this blog series, we will take a closer look at these tools, starting with aiRec, responsible for data recording.

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Safety report document

21 July 2022

Ensuring safety – on every level

Safety is the most critical element of automated driving — check out our aiDrive safety report which was recently revised to provide a deeper understanding of the wide range of processes we use to ensure safe testing and operation of our solutions.

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14 July 2022

aiMotive and emotion3D deliver optimized driver monitoring solutions for aiWare NPU on Nextchip APACHE5

Collaboration between two leading European automotive technology providers results in exceptional performance DOMS (Driver and Occupant Monitoring Systems) solution at compelling cost and power metrics.

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