Scalable software for ADAS and Automated Driving


aiDrive’s Essence

Beyond delivering market-leading ADAS and AD software components; with our broad range of in-house expertise throughout the whole self-driving ecosystem, we can enable our partners to reach their automated driving goals.

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Open, transparent & modular

– Broad system know-how for supporting different designs  and use cases
– Open software architecture and extensive system know-how enables customization according to customer goals
– Atomic software modules for open system architecture
– Reduced system complexity, validation effort and time-to-market


Flexible & scalable

– Support for all sensor modalities (camera, radar, LiDAR, ultrasonic)
– Scalable system to create affordable solutions
– SW modules re-usable at any level of automated driving
– Fast adoption to changing regulations and industry standards
– Optimization capability to embedded automotive HW
– Supporting processes for data collection and labelling


Safety & Validation

– Solution based on complete AD domain knowledge
– Development process according to ASPICE & ISO26262
– Full in-house validation cycle: large-scale simulation and fleet testing
– Tested and verified in the first ISO26262 ASIL-D certified simulation tool

Trusted software partner

Customer success stories

Our agile processes help handle a broad variety of use cases. Scroll down and see how we work together with our partners.

System know-how, Sensor Set Design and Simulation

PROJECT: Define and implement an L2+ system (Highway Pilot + safety functionalities) within a newly designed car

CHALLENGE: Confirm that the customer sensor set defined for L2+ Highway is fit for urban and valet parking applications, and for further future-proof developments

AIMOTIVE SOLUTION: Extensive use of aiSim to test and adapt the sensor set for the targeted applications and ODD, reaching a conclusion within weeks

System know-how, Sensor Set Design and Data & Label pipeline

PROJECT: Productization of an embedded Smart Camera relying on AImotive perception modules

CHALLENGE: Vast amounts of data to be collected and labelled within challenging time and budget

AIMOTIVE SOLUTION: Design of an automatic labelling system leveraging AImotive data / label pipeline infrastructure, meeting stringent budget and deadline constraints, without compromise on quality

Software architecture and Embedded Hardware Optimization

PROJECT: Productization of an embedded Smart Camera relying on AImotive perception modules

CHALLENGE: Fit multiple state-of-the art NN detectors on a low-cost, low-power embedded hardware in Client’s production project

AIMOTIVE SOLUTION: Creation of a new multi-headed NN architecture and offloading of each computational task to the most suitable HW subsystem for optimal utilization and performance
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