aiSim ecosystem expands further with 3D asset provider, RenderPeople

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Written by aiMotive / Posted at 3/22/23

aiSim ecosystem expands further with 3D asset provider, RenderPeople

Through this collaboration, aiMotive’s simulator is compatible with an even wider range of assets, essential for both real-time testing & validation and synthetic data generation. 
BUDAPEST, Hungary, 22 March 2023 – aiMotive, one of the world’s most advanced automotive technology powerhouses, working on level-agnostic automated driving solutions, has formed a collaboration with RenderPeople, the company behind the most extensive library of photorealistic human 3D models.   
While being physically based and deterministic is essential for a perception development and testing simulator, such as aiSim, asset realism and diversity are also key for ensuring reliable results and replicating real-world variability. With the integration of RenderPeople’s library, development teams can now quickly populate aiSim’s virtual environments with high-fidelity human models, such as pedestrians, children playing on the sidewalk, construction workers, and many more. With these new 3D assets, more realistic virtual test scenarios and synthetic training data can be created quickly and easily, with great diversity and realism. 
Providing more than 4500 human 3D models in different product lines, Renderpeople has already been a go-to source for CGI professionals with a frequent need to deliver lifelike and vivid visualizations for almost 10 years. aiMotive’s industry-leading technology is a great lever for Renderpeople to now bring its expertise and extensive library of 3D assets to the simulation and computer vision industry. Having access to hyper-realistic human 3D content is key for creating and augmenting synthetic data or running simulations and allows developers around the world to accelerate the advancement of important technologies like autonomous driving. 


“We are always grateful to work with best-in-class partners who can provide added value to aiSim’s users by enriching our existing offering”, – said Dániel Tósoki, Product Manager of aiSim. “RenderPeople’s comprehensive set of high-fidelity human assets is a natural extension to aiSim, as simulating pedestrians with realism and diversity is becoming increasingly important to our customers globally.” 
“Our products can take synthetic data generation and simulation applications to a whole new level of reality”, – said Lukas Lamprecht, CEO of RenderPeople. “Collaborating with a highly innovative and world-leading developer like aiMotive enables us to make our products accessible to a new industry and to contribute significantly to shaping critical technologies that will have a lasting effect on how humans and technology interact.” 
Select models are already available to aiSim customers off the shelf, while the entire RenderPeople asset library can be imported into aiSim using the documentation provided. 
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