aiMotive achieves an industry first milestone with ISO26262 ASIL B certification for aiWare4 NPU IP

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aiWare safety certificate

Written by aiMotive / Posted at 6/22/23

aiMotive achieves an industry first milestone with ISO26262 ASIL B certification for aiWare4 NPU IP

We are thrilled to announce that our aiWare4 Neural Processing Unit (NPU) has achieved ISO 26262 ASIL B certification – making it the world’s first ASIL B certified NPU IP in the industry. The certification, conducted by TÜV Nord, a trusted and industry-recognized third-party assessor, highlights the exceptional quality and safety standards of the aiWare4, positioning it as a reliable solution for automotive manufacturers and Tier 1 suppliers. 

Developed by our experienced engineering teams and automated driving experts, the aiWare NPU is a groundbreaking solution designed specifically to meet the demanding requirements of L2-L4 automotive-grade AI inference.

In addition to the aiWare4 hardware IP certification, aiMotive has also developed the aiWare4 software to fully comply with ASIL B standards. This comprehensive software integration facilitates the seamless achievement of ASIL B module compliance for OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers. By ensuring both hardware and software compliance, aiWare simplifies the integration process and enables customers to meet the stringent safety demands of the automotive industry.

The ISO26262 ASIL B recognition of aiWare4 further solidifies aiMotive's position as an industry leader in delivering scalable, high-performance AI solutions that address the evolving needs of automated driving and advanced driver-assistance systems.

"We are extremely proud to have achieved ASIL B certification for our aiWare4 NPU," said Márton Fehér, SVP of Hardware at aiMotive. "This certification highlights our commitment to safety and reinforces our position as a trusted partner for automotive manufacturers in their journey towards automated driving. With aiWare4, we provide a scalable and efficient AI inference solution that meets the demanding needs of the automotive industry."

“ASIL B compliance is an essential requirement for our customers’ automated driving systems,” – said Young Jun Yoo, Vice President of the Automotive Business Unit of Nextchip, a fabless semiconductor company using the aiWare4 IP. “Thanks to aiMotive’s relentless pursuit of ASIL B compliance for aiWare4, customers of our Apache6 automotive SoCs can achieve full safety compliance with minimum resources and cost”.

The industry’s first ASIL B certified NPU IP, aiWare4, is a significant step forward in advancing AI technology for automated vehicles and ADAS systems and marks an important milestone in aiMotive’s journey towards safer and more intelligent mobility solutions. aiMotive remains dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation in the automotive industry, enabling safer and more intelligent mobility solutions for the future.

Download the aiWare4 ASIL B certificate