aiDrive is an inherently scalable self-driving technology solution. Utilizing the power of computer vision and artificial intelligence it provides a global autonomous experience. Unique solutions allow cameras to be supported by several secondary sensors. Fusing data from connected inputs aiDrive offers a safe self-driving solution prepared for any environment, climate and driving culture. With simulator tested and real-world proven autonomous valet parking and highway autopilot capabilities on roads in Hungary, the US, Finland and Japan aiDrive is gearing up for urban environments in 2018.

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Designed to accelerate autonomous vehicle development aiSim is a simulator for self-driving cars. The ability to recreate real-world situations and create unique scenarios ensures the safe development of autonomous vehicle technology. Virtual testing guarantees that the final product can adapt to different environments. Scenarios based on situations which are common overall but rarely experienced by single drivers allow engineers to evaluate new solutions before real-world road tests. To support artificial intelligence research and training aiSim can also generate machine learning datasets.

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Unique AI hardware acceleration architecture, delivering class-leading power and memory efficiency with unrivalled scalability. aiWare leverages our team's experience developing the aiDrive software stack using complex camera-centric sensors setups, and optimizing system performance on embedded CPUs and GPUs. The result is an architecture that provides the highest performance in a wide range of AI-based latency-critical environments. aiWare is the first hardware solution compliant with the new Khronos NNEF standard. Our FPGA evaluation kit is available now, with aiWare test-chip based available from Q3 2018.

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Technology Pipeline

The advancement of our self-driving technology is accelerated by our industry leading development pipeline that relies on simulation technology. New feature requests are examined based on safety considerations and then designed and implemented by our engineers. Solutions are incorporated into the aiDrive system and tested in aiSim, our photorealistic simulator. Once an update has matured it is tested on a closed track for further fine tuning. Only after controlled tests are successful do road tests commence around the world. Data from all tests is incorporated into development to provide our team continuous feedback. This pipeline allows us to develop our self-driving solutions safely, quickly and economically to be used around the world.