Integrated Management System Policy


At aiMotive Kft., we recognize that quality, environmental responsibility and information security are fundamental pillars of our operations. Our management systems are designed to encompass software development, vehicle testing and all supporting processes.

Our Integrated Management System (IMS) policy serves as the regulating document that unifies our commitment to Quality, Environmental Management and Information Security. Our IMS Policy is built upon three core policies: Quality Management System (QMS), Environmental Management System (EMS) and Information Security Management System (ISMS). This integrated approach reflects our dedication to achieving excellence, preventing incidents and continuously improving our processes. Proactive hazard identification, risk management and compliance with legal requirements are fundamental to our operations. Our IMS policy fosters a culture of collaboration, transparency and continuous improvement, reflecting our dedication to excellence in every aspect of our business.

All employees and leaders are expected to cooperate openly with auditors, adhere to legal requirements, contribute to continuous improvement and comply with the organization's obligations.

Quality Management

Quality is paramount in all our activities. Our commitment is to ensure compliance with legal requirements and standards and to detect and manage or prevent non-conformities.

The QMS is designed to ensure compliance, and we continually monitor and update our processes to stay in accordance with applicable standards. We regularly review our quality objectives and performance to identify opportunities for enhancement.

In the event of a quality problem, employees must promptly provide written information to the Quality Team at [email protected]

Environmental Management

The protection of the environment is integral to our company's values. Our IMS policy aims to reduce our ecological footprint through adherence to legal requirements and standards.

In the event of an environmental problem, employees must provide written information to the Quality Team at [email protected]

Information Security

Information security is a core value, with the goal of preventing information security incidents and reducing critical risks year after year. Proactive risk analyses and management are embraced to eliminate, accept, shift, or mitigate risks.

In the event of an information security problem, employees must provide written information to the respective departments as follows:

IT department – [email protected]

Legal department – [email protected]

Information Security Officer – [email protected]

Personal Data Protection Officer – [email protected]

Quality Team – [email protected]

Management Commitment

The management of aiMotive Kft. is unwaveringly committed to quality, environmental responsibility, and information security. This commitment is evident in the implementation of respective policies and in maintaining and continuously improving our management systems.

This unified policy is communicated to all levels of the organization to ensure awareness and compliance with legal requirements and standards. It is the responsibility of all personnel to uphold and improve quality, environmental, and information security requirements at every opportunity. The goal is to ensure a robust, credible, and reliable IMS.

By adhering to these principles, AImotive Kft. aims to foster a culture of excellence, innovation, and sustainability in all its endeavours.