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Open Positions

Our Culture

We learn, not err

There's no such thing as failure, as long as you are constantly learning something new.

Pioneers go safe

We never forget where the Safety Box is. We always think inside that one. But we go to the edge sometimes.

Teamwork only zone

We're making 2 tons drive itself. No one does that alone. We value teamwork.

Kind is cool

Respect, openness, and kindness. When they're missing people just don't fit in. And they don't stick around.

Forget Google Translate

We're based in Budapest, but our international team relies on English to ensure mutual understanding.

Doors stay open

No hoops to jump through, just an open office and open doors. Walk over and ask when they've got a minute.

Grow as a pro

Self-driving is hard: learn at conferences, seminars and from the pros on our team.

Work on your own terms

You are not your job. Flexible hours, home office and more help keep it that way.

Get ready for socials

Go-karting, wine-tasting, and karaoke are some of our recurring socials. The team loves adventures!

Why Work in Budapest

  • A capital with History – With its rich history, beautiful architecture and stunning views, Budapest is your gateway to a new adventure.
  • A capital of Knowledge – Hungarian researchers have been at the heart of many of the world's great inventions. And Budapest still holds some of the brightest minds in Europe.
  • A capital of Culture – Everyone's heard of the legendary 7th District, but what about the museums, the theatres, the wine, and gastronomy? It's foodie heaven!
  • A capital of Beauty – Bridges arching over the Danube connect the strikingly different Buda and Pest. And then you still have the rest of the country to see.

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