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Our modular software powers your automated driving strategy with industry leading feature evolution from assisted driving to autonomy

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Modular design enables deployment in wide range of automated driving systems from atomic modules up to full stack solutions

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aiDrive includes...

  • cutting edge AI-powered perception and sensor fusion to ensure safety
  • vision-first technologies complemented with radar, LiDAR and ultrasonics
  • solutions from atomic modules to full-stack automated driving software

And does not...

  • tie you to a single solution or platform
  • compete with your internal R&D efforts
  • solve every challenge presented by automated driving

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AImotive and Nextchip announce aiWare to be integrated into next-generation Apache5 Imaging Edge Processor

Nextchip disrupts automotive image processing market by integrating AImotive's high-performance aiWare NN Inference accelerator optimized for camera-first autonomous driving applications

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Production L2-L3 ADAS begins with hardware

To get ADAS right, you have to start with the hardware. You can create the most advanced perception, robust decision making, detailed planning algorithms, but without a robust, reliable hardware platform with sufficient guaranteed performance, any deployment strategy will simply fail.

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Powering autonomy

Higher levels of autonomy will require dedicated chips built for self-driving. However, developing hardware platforms requires unique expertise of a kind that most traditional automotive OEMs don’t have.

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