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Foundation for our solutions

aiNotate & aiData

Foundation for our solutions

Data is the main input for the development of any automated driving system. That's why we generate a lot of data automatically, either by annotating real world datasets with our multi sensor AI, or by generating synthetic data using high fidelity environments and sensor simulation.


Automatic annotation

Multi sensor AI-based automatic annotation for dynamic and static objects with industry-leading precision

  • Increases the proportion of auto-annotated sensor data to almost 100%

  • Removes the bias from existing pipelines

  • aiNotate can process the data close to real-time

  • Scalable for large fleet use cases

  • Automated edge-case mining and active learning to reduce storage and computation costs

  • Automated annotation and knowledge transfer to reduce annotation costs


Synthetic training data generation

The core of aiData is our high-fidelity sensor simulation, generated by aiSim, and enhanced by an AI-based reality filter, which can achieve outputs indistinguishable from the real world. This is extended by cinema-grade, high-fidelity renderings and augmented reality

  • Capable of modelling costly, dangerous, or rare sensor data in simulation

  • Makes the data indistinguishable from real world data using reality filters or cinematic CGI

  • Builds an automated pipeline for randomizing and large-scale data generation

  • Scenario extraction based on test drives and aiNotate

  • Automatically trains, tests and benchmarks the data quality; finds gaps to fill and improve

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