Software Engineer - Vehicle Dynamics


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Location: Budapest, Hungary

Software Engineer - Vehicle Dynamics

aiMotive began developing its innovative aiSim in the nascent days of simulation in automated driving. Building this expertise has allowed us to create the first ISO26262 certified tool available to the broader automotive industry. TCL 3 enables aiSim to be an integral part of a development and verification toolchain up to ASIL D, ensuring deterministic, realistic, and repeatable testing. 

Vehicle dynamics simulation is a core component of aiSim responsible for determining the vehicle’s movement changes in response to driver actuation commands.  

We are looking for an engineer to design, develop & verify solutions from simple bicycle to more complex multibody vehicle models, and help our internal and customers’ testing teams to achieve high-fidelity vehicle dynamics simulation.  

Job Summary

  • Design and implement real-time vehicle dynamics models in aiSim simulator 
  • Develop vehicle control algorithms for traffic agents
  • Help our vehicle testing team and our customers with validation methods for the vehicle dynamics models 
  • Help our customers to understand and configure our vehicle dynamics models 
  • Work on the integration of 3rd party vehicle simulators  


  • Experience in numerical simulation of mechanical systems m 
  • Solid C++ knowledge 
  • Intermediate level English skills 

Considered a plus

  • Experience with the Functional Mockup Interface (FMI) standard 
  • Experience with vehicle dynamics modeling software 
  • Experience with real-time systems 

What We Offer

  • The opportunity to solve difficult problems with immediate real-world applications
  • Competitive salary and fitness opportunities
  • Free lunch every workday at one of the best all you can eat restaurants in Budapest
  • Work on the hottest applied research problem at one of the fastest growing startup in Europe
  • Develop solutions for the largest car manufacturers and their suppliers in the US, Europe and Asia
  • Test your solution in realistic simulated scenarios and a fleet of cars across multiple continents every day
  • Submit patents of new solutions
  • We believe: people over process, we are keen to maintain a work-life balance

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