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Location: Budapest, Hungary

Research Scientist - aiNotate

Developing automated driving requires a complete, mature toolchain to collect, generate, use and manage the data needed for a safe and robust solution. aiData is the most advanced, data-driven pipeline for automated driving that reduces the complexity of the processing with high automatization while still ensuring automotive quality.
An accurate understanding of the surroundings of the vehicle is at the heart of self-driving applications, detecting and providing 3D properties of the objects surrounding the vehicle is one of the fundamental building blocks in delivering a reliable autonomous vehicle. In order to enable high-quality detections, error-free training data for neural networks is essential.
As a Research Engineer in the aiNotate team, you will take part in prototyping new solutions, porting prototypes as reliable modules into the auto-annotation pipeline generating training data for neural networks used in real-time self-driving applications, and improving and benchmarking existing solutions. You will work in different environments like driving on a highway, city and you will see your code running in aiMotive’s and customer’s data pipeline.

Job Summary

  • Research, develop and implement algorithms to improve the quality and robustness of the auto-annotation pipeline using supervised, self-supervised and active learning
  • Develop detection and tracking solutions based on various sensor data
  • Integrate prototype models into the auto-annotation pipeline

Key Qualifications

  • MS, or PhD in Computer Science, Robotics, Physics, Mathematics, or related field
  • Python programming skills
  • Strong mathematical skills (linear algebra and probability distributions)
  • Familiarity with neural network frameworks such as PyTorch, TensorFlow
  • Intermediate English skills
  • Ability to work independently and systematically

Considered as a plus

  • Programming in C++, working in Linux
  • Experience in Docker, Jenkins, Kubernetes
  • Experience in image processing and traditional computer vision

What We Offer

  • Competitive salary and long-term bonus system
  • Fitness opportunities
  • Free lunch every workday, nearby at one of the best all-you-can-eat restaurants in Budapest or delivered by Wolt for Work
  • Work on the hottest applied research problem in an agile working culture, backed by a strong, stable and future-proof industrial partnership 
  • Develop solutions for one of the largest car manufacturer with a global reach 
  • Test your solution in realistic simulated scenarios and a fleet of cars across multiple continents every day 
  • Be proud of seeing your solution on the road 
  • Visit relevant international conferences, submit patents of new solutions 
  • We believe: people over process, we are keen to maintain a work-life balance 

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