Research Scientist - aiNotate


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Location: Budapest, Hungary

Research Scientist - aiNotate

Developing automated driving requires a comprehensive, mature toolchain to collect, generate, utilize, and manage the data necessary for a safe and reliable solution. aiData is the most advanced, data-driven pipeline for automated driving, reducing complexity through high automation while maintaining automotive quality.

An accurate understanding of the surroundings of the vehicle is at the heart of self-driving applications, detecting and providing 3D properties of the objects surrounding the vehicle is one of the fundamental building blocks in delivering a reliable autonomous vehicle. In order to enable high-quality detections, error-free training data for neural networks is essential.

As a Research Engineer in the aiNotate team, you will take part in prototyping new solutions, porting prototypes as reliable modules into the auto-annotation pipeline generating training data for neural networks used in real-time self-driving applications, and improving and benchmarking existing solutions. You will work in different environments like driving on a highway, city and you will see your code running in aiMotive’s and customer’s data pipeline.

Job Summary

  •  Research, develop and implement algorithms to improve the quality and robustness of the auto-annotation pipeline using supervised, self-supervised and active learning
  • Develop detection and tracking solutions based on various sensor data
  • Integrate prototype models into the auto-annotation pipeline

Key Qualifications

  • MS, or PhD in Computer Science, Robotics, Physics, Mathematics, or related field
  • Python programming skills
  • Strong mathematical skills (linear algebra and probability distributions)
  • Familiarity with neural network frameworks such as PyTorch, TensorFlow
  • Intermediate English skills
  • Ability to work independently and systematically

Considered as a plus

  • Programming in C++, working in Linux
  • Experience in Docker, Jenkins, Kubernetes
  • Experience in image processing and traditional computer vision

What We Offer

  • The opportunity to solve difficult problems with immediate real-world applications
  • Competitive salary and fitness opportunities
  • Free lunch every workday at one of the best all you can eat restaurants in Budapest
  • Work on the hottest applied research problem at one of the fastest growing startup in Europe
  • Develop solutions for the largest car manufacturers and their suppliers in the US, Europe and Asia
  • Visit relevant international conferences, submit patents of new solutions
  • We believe: people over process, we are keen to maintain a work-life balance

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