C++/Python Developer Intern - Compiler Stack Integration


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Location: Budapest, Hungary

C++/Python Developer Intern - Compiler Stack Integration

aiWare is an Automotive Neural Network Accelerator Hardware IP, developed by engineers working side-by-side with our automated driving teams to create a unique solution targeting high performance L2-L4 automotive grade real-time AI inference for AD/ADAS. aiWare currently uses a proprietary compiler to compile neural network models for execution from various neural network model formats. 

NNEF is an open-source neural network model format developed by aiMotive as part of the Khronos Group for exchanging models between neural network training frameworks, inference engines and model compilers. aiWare can take NNEF models and compile them for execution. 

Our future goal is to integrate our NNEF frontend and aiWare backend into an open-source neural compiler stack. 

Job Summary 

  • Understand the interface / usage of currently existing tools at aiMotive (NNEF parser, aiWare compiler) 
  • Investigate open-source neural network compiler stacks (TVM, MLIR) for integration possibilities, both frontends (input formats) and hardware backends, assess the amount of work required 
  • Integrate our existing NNEF frontend into a compiler stack, expected to be connecting glue code in C++ and/or Python and configuration files 
  • Integrate our existing aiWare compiler backend into a compiler stack, expected to be connecting glue code in C++ and/or Python and configuration files 

Key Qualification  

  • Ongoing (active/passive) full-time university studies for at least one more year (preferably master’s studies) 
  • Advanced knowledge of C++ and some knowledge of Python 
  • At least 20-25 working hours/week in our Budapest office  
  • Intermediate level English knowledge  
  • Precise, reliable, quality focused attitude   
  • Independent and proactive attitude  

Considered as a plus 

  • Interest or previous experience with compilers or related algorithms 

What We Offer  

  • Possibility to gain valuable work experience at the forefront of the Hardware development sectors  
  • Getting deeper understanding of:
    • Neural networks
    • C++ and Python
  • Competitive student salary and long-term bonus system 
  • Inspiring and supportive working environment 
  • Teambuilding events and other benefits for students 
  • Flexible working hours 
  • Long-term job opportunity 
  • Possibility of an immediate start 
  • In-service training opportunity 
  • Free lunch every workday, nearby at one of the best all-you-can-eat restaurants in Budapest or delivered by Wolt for Work 

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