AD UI/UX System engineer


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Location: Budapest, Hungary

AD UI/UX System engineer

Job Summary

  • Create and design user experience around ADAS/AD, so that solution meets customers' requirements and exceeds their expectations.
  • Ensure the ergonomic integrity of ADAS features by incorporating human factors and usability principles into the UX/UI design process.
  • Collaborate closely with the team to create interfaces that not only meet aesthetic standards but also prioritize user comfort and efficiency.
  • Proactively identify and address ergonomic considerations to enhance the overall usability and accessibility of the ADAS system
  • Plan, conduct and analyze usability testing session to gather feedback on internal and competitor AD UX/UI
  • Help the development with interactive prototypes to visualize UX/UI concepts before implementation
  • Stay abreast of industry trends, emerging technologies, and advancements in UX/UI design
  • Align ADAS/AD UX/UI related user stories in collaboration with UX/UI designers, developers, and stakeholders to bring designs to life
  • Specify and own system and SW requirements related to ADAS/AD UX/UI flows in an automotive requirements management tool
  • Provide structured feedback to stakeholders based on test experiences from the development vehicle

Key Qualifications

  • Have a keen eye for aesthetics, pay attention to detail, mind user-friendliness
  • Deep understanding regarding human and machine communication, including haptic, audio and visual cues
  • Hands-on experience in specifying UX/UI requirements and flows
  • Hands-on experience in requirements management
  • Education in UX/UI design or general computer science with several years of experience in UX/UI design
  • Willingness to dive deep into the overall ADAS/AD system to understand the overall product
  • Outstanding communication skills with project stakeholders in written and oral form
  • Business English skills
  • Ability to work with global teams in remote work environment
  • Have professional experience relating to the above

Considered as a plus

  • ADAS/AD knowledge,
  • Basic knowledge of Python/ C++
  • Experience in designing interfaces for complex systems, especially in the automotive domain.
  • Experience with UX/UI design tools, e.g. Figma
  • Vehicle test experience
  • Willingness to travel

What We Offer

  • Competitive salary and long-term bonus system
  • Fitness opportunities
  • Free lunch every workday, nearby at one of the best all-you-can-eat restaurants in Budapest or delivered by Wolt for Work
  • Work on the hottest applied research problem in an agile working culture, backed by a strong, stable and future-proof industrial partnership
  • Develop solutions for one of the largest car manufacturer with a global reach
  • Test your solution in realistic simulated scenarios and a fleet of cars across multiple continents every day
  • Be proud of seeing your solution on the road
  • Visit relevant international conferences, submit patents of new solutions
  • We believe: people over process, we are keen to maintain a work-life balance

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