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Scalable Technology

Scalable Technology

Several factors impede the deployment of autonomous technology, such as sensor costs, testing requirements, development time. To overcome these, aiDrive is a scalable self-driving solution. Through its reliance on AI and an economical vision-first sensor-setup aiDrive avoids many of these challenges. aiDrive has a detailed understanding of the visual cues of the current road network. This ensures adaptable and safe operation in a wide range of environments and operational domains. Simulation and our fleet of test vehicles are the foundations of our technology pipeline, which supports rapid iteration to accelerate development. Not compromising on safety, virtual testing and functional safety engineering are fundamental elements of our work.

Customizable and Adaptable

Open and Adaptable

aiDrive is not only a robust solution for self-driving in different environments. It provides our partners with a high degree of freedom. It can be deployed using a wide range of sensor setups and accepts input from cameras, radars, LiDARs, IMUs, ultrasonic sensors etc. aiDrive is processing platform agnostic and can be implemented on any hardware solution which meets its basic performance requirements, including AImotive's aiWare. aiDrive's modular design also eases its integration into existing solutions or systems. Our belief in openness and adaptability ensure that our partners are not locked into a single ecosystem. Rather, they can build on our self-driving solutions focusing on their own development goals relying on aiDrive as an SDK.

Safety First

Safety is our highest priority. aiDrive is tested in aiSim before public road tests commence. This places thousands of virtual scenarios in different locations between new versions of aiDrive and the real world as a safety barrier. On the road safety driver policies ensure the safety of everyone around us. All road tests are fully recorded. If needed, scenarios based on collected data are created in aiSim for repeated testing. This is made possible by our focus on modeling real-world environments. To prohibit erratic behavior from our vehicles safety limits for acceleration, braking, and steering angle are built into an independent hardware solution. Read our white paper on how we ensure testing and development safety on AImotive Insights!

Robust testing

aiDrive is under widespread testing in four countries on three continents. AImotive holds public road testing licenses in Hungary, Finland and the states of California and Nevada. aiDrive is on highways daily at several of these locations and urban tests will commence in 2018. AImotive’s fleet of test vehicles consists of models from Toyota, Citroen, and Volvo. aiDrive is also being testing in France through our partnership with Groupe PSA. Our solutions have also proven themselves on closed courses in China and Japan. Public road testing in Asia will begin by Q1 2019. Our growing fleet, supported by virtual tests run in aiSim, provides vast amounts of data to validate our solutions, and further increase the safety of our technology.