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Building Blocks

aiDrive Building Blocks


  • Full-stack – Handles all tasks from perception to control
  • Modular design enables self-standing or best-in-class solutions
  • Deployable in both ADAS and autonomous functionalities
  • Designed for embedded automotive hardware platforms
  • Utilizes AI for accurate perception and safe motion planning
  • Sensor fusion enabled through input from different sensors


  • Designed for automotive deployment from day one
  • Allows for deeper collaboration through modular architecture
  • Supports our partners in achieving their own self-driving goals
  • Partners are not locked into a single ecosystem
  • Includes solutions for all operational domains
  • Guarantees increased safety and redundancy

Scalable Technology

aiDrive2 is a scalable self-driving software due to its reliance on AI and a vision-first sensor-setup. Its operation relies on a detailed understanding of visual cues inherent to the current road network. Compatibility with a wide range of high-resolution sensors ensures redundancy and adaptability. As a result, aiDrive2 can function in a wide range of operational domains. aiDrive2 is developed in aiSim2 and on a fleet of test vehicles.

Customizable & Adaptable

aiDrive2 provides our partners and customers with a high degree of freedom through its modular design. Deployable in best-in-class solutions and as standalone self-driving systems aiDrive provides unrivaled flexibility for our partners to achieve their self-driving goals using aiDrive2 as an SDK. The software is processing platform agnostic and is prepared for embedded automotive platforms to ease its use in automated driving systems.

Safety First

Safety is always our highest priority. aiDrive is tested in aiSim2 before public road tests commence. This places thousands of virtual scenarios in modeled real-world locations between new versions of aiDrive2 and the real world as a safety barrier. On the road, a safety driver and a test operator are always in the vehicle, as required by our safety driver policy. Read our white paper on testing and development safety on AImotive Insights!

Robust Testing

aiDrive2 is under widespread testing in four countries on three continents. AImotive holds public road testing licenses in Hungary, Finland and the states of California and Nevada. aiDrive is on highways daily at several of these locations. aiDrive2 is also being tested in France through our partnership with Groupe PSA. Our solutions have also proven themselves on closed courses in Asia. Public road testing in Japan is planned in 2019.