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Launching the next-gen aiMotive flagship!

You are invited to an exclusive experience at aiMotive Headquarters to discuss the future of driving automation and aiMotive’s technologies. Discuss with our engineers working on ADAS and AD solutions, and test our automated valet parking and highway solutions yourself! Oh, and by the way, we are launching our flagship product's next generation during the event!

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Travel & Accommodation

A unique experience in one of Europe’s most acclaimed capitals, Budapest. Accommodation and travel arrangements covered by our team.

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Unique experience

We will not only show you our automated parking solution, but take you on an exclusive automated driving experience on public roads.

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Date & Venue

Date: September 22, 2021 
Venue: aiMotive HQ 
Accommodation and dinner: Hotel Clark  
Driving: M0-M3 highway


On the threshold of a new era

In 2015, we started developing our full-stack automated driving software, aiDrive. Thanks to our team of engineers, we've come a long way - we're taking our solution to the next level, and we'd like to share it with you! 

Renewing our product portfolio in 2021

After the upgrade of aiSim 3.0 in April and the launch of aiWare4 in May, the time has come to upgrade our flagship aiDrive product. 

If you accept our invitation, you will be part of the launch of aiDrive 3.0!

Are you interested in the future of mobility?

We know that there are many questions about the automated driving car industry. We offer not only a unique experience but the opportunity to ask our engineers and experts who have been laying the foundations of the technology at aiMotive for years.
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