Automotive Innovation Show with AImotive at Embedded World 2018.

February 15, 2018

AI-based Autonomous Driving – Managing Iterative Requirement Validation

Members of the AImotive team will speak at Intland Software's booth at Embedded World 2018, Nuremburg, Germany about how Codebeamer is used in the development of autonomous vehicle technology. AImotive's solutions are advancing quickly and we use Intland's ALM platform to drive development.

Join our experts as they share insights about:

  • Using a computer graphics-based simulation environment (aiSim) to validate autonomous driving systems
  • Test case definition including edge cases
  • Iterative requirements management
  • Process to maintain consistency

AImotive speakers:

  • Szabolcs Janky, Head of Business Development
  • Tamás Csizmadia, Head of Safety and Compliance, Safety Engineering Department