AImotive Introduces aiWare in Japan

December 18, 2017

aiWare is a unique neural network accelerator for realistic and safe implementation in Level 5 self-driving vehicles

Tokyo, Japan December 5, 2017 – AImotive, the full-stack autonomous vehicle technology supplier, today announced the availability of its FPGA prototyping platform, designed to demonstrate the hardware acceleration potential of aiWare, using the company’s aiDrive software stack aiming to achieve Level 3 - 5 fully autonomous vehicles. aiDrive software uses a wide range of CNNs (Convolutional Neural Networks) to implement a complete solution, resulting in a uniquely rich set of data that AImotive uses to drive its aiWare roadmap. AImotive also announced availability of its first demo vehicle for autonomous driving in Japan. Support of demo car and technical support will by provide by business partner RYOYO ELECTRO Corporation.

While many hardware solutions are now available on the market, they are designed to implement today’s Level 2 and Level 3 applications. AImotive’s experience has overcome several obstacles by implementing a realistic, safe Level 5 implementation, including:

  • Optimized power consumption targeting just 10-20% power consumption of existing GPU solution
  • Handling of higher resolution inputs such as multiple HD cameras, LIDARs and radars among other sensors
  • Better than 90 – 95% core utilization under a wide range of operational CNN workloads, optimized memory bandwidth and scalability
  • HW accelerator supporting future AI standards (NNEF)

Laszlo Kishonti, founder and CEO of AImotive said, “As GPUs catalyzed the spread of 3D graphics technologies in the 1990s and HD video demanded hardware decoders in the 2000s, this decade will bring dedicated accelerators like aiWare and enable mass market adoption of life saving artificial intelligence in the car, health care and many other markets.”

AImotive is also helping drive open industry standards such as Khronos Group’s NNEF (Neural Network Exchange Format). The SDK (Software Development Kit) for the new aiWare hardware will provide full support for the emerging standard, providing an easy way for application developers to move their existing implementations into the aiWare environment. This is part of AImotive’s roadmap, making it as easy as a possible for OEMs to develop their autonomous driving solutions, upgrade their hardware and software quickly and easily, and take full advantage of the benefits of aiWare hardware acceleration.

“Because we’ve been continuously tuning our aiWare architecture through years of testing alongside our aiDrive software platform that uses NN’s in almost every aspect of the entire autonomous driving software stack, we believe we have the industry’s most highly optimized acceleration architecture for CNNs and RNNs,” said Marton Feher, head of hardware at AImotive. AImotive provides a comprehensive technology platform for the broader developer ecosystem for many aspects of autonomous vehicles.

“We are very impressed with AImotive’s technologies, and look forward to strengthening our relationship with AImotive going forward” said Takayoshi Ouchi, CEO of RYOYO ELECTRO Corporation.

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