AImotive in Guy Martin vs The Robot Car

November 29, 2017

AImotive was featured on the Channel 4 (UK) television special Guy Martin vs The Robot Car. The show aired on Sunday, 26th November 2017. This short clip will give you an idea of what Guy Martin got up to with our team.

The well known British motorcycle racer and TV personality visited us in Budapest to learn about our camera-first approach to self-driving. The show explores whether self-driving cars are coming closer to being a reality for everyday families. Guy first takes a look at how Li-DAR based systems work. Afterwards, he travels to Budapest and takes a ride in one of our test cars, explaining how AImotive's camera-first approach is different than several American tech giants' solutions. Guy also builds a robotic minivan and races robocar, the worlds fastest computer to see who's faster: man or machine?

Watch the clip to see what Guy got up to in our car!