Our patent boosting plan paves the way to an autonomous future

October 11, 2017

We support our team in building a self-driving future through a unique patent boosting plan that facilitates innovation.

We believe that AImotive should be a place of cutting edge innovation. To this end, we have created an extensive patent boosting plan to ensure that our research and development team is constantly challenging its boundaries, and bringing the future closer. We are proud to announce that their work in the system is already bearing fruit, with two patents granted just two years after AImotive was founded.

Considering how long the patenting process can be, we are especially proud of Gergely Debreczeni, our chief scientist, Viktor Gyenes, one of our lead AI research scientists, and Peter Fenyvesi a low level software engineer, for being the first AImotive inventors to be granted patents. The two patents are integral parts of our self-driving systems. The first concentrates on navigation, and how our vehicles plan a path on a map. The second details how we use a variable-pitch camera in recognition processes. Along with several other patents we have pending, the two granted, illustrate how unique our approach to autonomous development is.

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