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Date: 2020.05.14

Case Study: silicon excellence + system & algorithm excellence = solution excellence

This case study, explores the path Nextchip took to create something truly unique. By looking beyond the requirements of the hardware itself to the solutions their customers needed, Nextchip found a supplier of industry-leading hardware IP in AImotive.

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Date: 2019.05.10

Automating simulation for safer self-driving

The paper details how automated testing with simulation tools can accelerate the development of automated driving solutions, while also making them safer.

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Date: 2018.11.23

Offload Now, or Your CPU dies

AI is being recognized as one of the most fundamental transformations of computing since the invention of the CPU. Many believe that the next step is to add NN accelerators to CPU+GPU clusters. However, that might not deliver the performance expected.

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Date: 2018.09.07

Ensuring Safe Self-Driving

The whitepaper introduces the measures AImotive takes to ensure the safe development of its technologies. Detailing the challenges of simulator and public road testing it outlines the processes and policies that define our development.

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Date: 2018.07.05

Why TOPS Is Bottom of Metrics

The paper details AImotive’s approach to benchmarking aiWare. We give an explanation of why TMAC/S complemented by a range of realistic workload benchmarks are a reliable measure and examine the challenges and limitations of benchmarking NN accelerators.

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