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The Framework

Benchmarks commonly used to measure the performance of neural networks are not honed to the unique demands of automated driving use cases. Automotive neural networks must compute high-resolution inputs, with minimal latency and the lowest possible power consumption. AImotive has developed a deep understanding of this relying on expertise from our aiDrive teams. As a result, we have specified a benchmark framework containing industry standard and accessible neural networks adjusted to large input sizes and batch size 1 to measure the performance of varying NN acceleration platforms, and our own aiWare in an environment similar to driving on real roads.

Download the Framework

The Results

We have published the results of benchmark measurements completed with aiWare evaluation systems on our tightly specified benchmark framework. The document showcases the performance gains offered by aiWare opposed to GPU-based NN compute platforms. The document is regularly updated as new neural networks become publicly available and will be expanded to include further hardware platforms in the future. We invite our partners to download both our framework and these results to independently verify them as they evaluate aiWare.

Download the Results

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