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Don’t miss out on a chance to learn more about the world’s most advanced data pipeline for automated driving by aiMotive; meet us for a private discussion at booth 6424. We will also introduce our market-ready, end-to-end products and give you a sneak peek of our latest cutting-edge, industry-leading solutions. If you are attending AVTE Stuttgart 2022, reach out to us and let's set up an in-person discussion.

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Generating synthetic data for neural network training

Real-world data is vital for training detection algorithms. However, gathering data on edge cases for training purposes is not always easy – sometimes it isn’t even possible. Furthermore, no matter how much training data is collected, it will always be unbalanced, and there are dangerous and complicated scenarios to be collected, which should and can be replaced by simulation. We will show on real examples and measurements how synthetic data generated by aiSim, the world's first ASIL-D certified validation tool, helped overcome these difficulties and improved the performance of neural network-based perception. 

Thursday 23 June 2022, 9:50 AM
by Daniel Tosoki / Product & Operations Manager of aiSim

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Engineer holding production validated neural processing unit

5 May 2022

aiMotive ships first aiWare4 NPU production RTL

aiMotive has shipped production-validated RTL of its latest ultra-high-efficiency 4th generation aiWare NPU to lead customers, demonstrating its scalability, high clock speed capabilities and exceptional configurability to meet demanding PPA targets

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aiData – The most advanced data pipeline for automated driving

24 March 2022

aiMotive introduces aiData

The most advanced data pipeline for automated driving reduces the cost and complexity of processing data with a high level of automation.

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Microchip illustrating the importance of software in the automotive industry

17 February 2022

Why software-driven scalable hardware enables better AD

The choice of hardware platform for tomorrow's ever-more-complex vehicles is a daunting prospect. Many designers select the most flexible hardware they can find, as it has the best chance to accommodate software developed in the years ahead.

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