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ADAS solutions increase road safety

The goal of automated driving technologies is to save lives. The first steps towards full automation, and safer roads, are driver assistance systems that make it harder for accidents to occur. Due to aiDrive’s highly modular design a selected subset of its modules can be deployed in ADAS solutions developed with our partners. The software stack’s advanced AI-based Perception Engine, for example, can be utilized by smart rear-view cameras, blind spot warning systems and many other solutions. We welcome ADAS development projects as an opportunity to make roads safer as soon as possible while higher levels of automation continue to mature.


Highway Autopilot enables high‑speed automation

Under continuous successful testing in aiSim and on public roads in Hungary, California and France our highway autopilot is a maturing solution for high-speed autonomous driving. Working with international partners, such as Groupe PSA, aiDrive is growing into a robust autopilot that handles all the challenges of highway driving: lane keeping with adaptive cruise control, entry, exit, merging lanes, overtaking and adapting to its environment. Powered by artificial intelligence the system predicts the actions of those around it to provide a smooth and safe experience. We are looking for new partners to cooperate with on the further development of autonomous highway driving.

Autonomous Valet Parking increases user comfort

Successfully tested in Hungary, the US and Asia aiDrive’s autonomous valet parking capabilities are both an advanced comfort feature and a fundamental requirement of self-driving systems. Developed in-house and in cooperation with our partners in the US and Asia, aiDrive’s self-parking functionality demonstrates the stability of our sensor setup and our low-speed control of the vehicle. Currently a stable solution for closed parking areas aiDrive is being developed to handle open air parking. The system is constantly evolving to incorporate the freshest feedback from our technology partners. We are always looking for new possibilities to further develop the solution.

Urban Driving eases the daily commute

The complex environments of metropolitan areas are one of the greatest challenges of automated driving. As part of the ongoing development of aiDrive, the system will be introduced to limited city scenarios throughout 2019. The software will first be tested in simulated environments and then at our testing locations on three different continents. We are always looking to work with partners to develop accessible urban ADAS solutions or level 4 autonomy to change the cityscapes of the future. Our robust technology and industry leading development pipeline will drastically reduce the time-to-market of our solution to scalable urban self-driving.