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  • Full-stack: Handles all tasks from perception to control
  • Modular design enables self-standing or best-in-class solutions
  • Deployable in both ADAS and autonomous functionalities
  • Designed for automotive embedded hardware platforms
  • Utilizes AI for accurate perception and safe motion planning
  • Sensor fusion enabled through input from different sensors


  • Designed for automotive deployment from day one
  • Allows for deeper collaboration through modular architecture
  • Supports our partners in achieving their self-driving goals
  • Partners are not locked into a single ecosystem
  • Includes solutions for all operational domains
  • Guarantees increased safety and redundancy

Modular design eases integration to solve AV challenges

aiDrive can be deployed in a wide variety of use cases. The software stack is a toolbox used by our partners to accelerate the realization of their automated driving goals. Due to its modular architecture, aiDrive can be deployed as the core of a self-standing autonomous solution, as part of ADAS solutions, or integrated by-module into best-in-class technologies. Due to the wide range of supported sensor setups, hardware platforms and operating systems, aiDrive is easily integrated into developing solutions. The software is continuously verified in aiSim and on AImotive’s fleet of test vehicles. Functional safety engineering in a central part of development, which adheres to automotive standards.

Software engines power customizable deployment

aiDrive is a customizable self-driving software stack. Its operation relies on AI and sensor fusion. The software stack is a highly flexible solution due to its modular design and compatibility with several sensor types. aiDrive is comprised of five engines, each responsible for a set of tasks within self-driving, from perception, through localization to control. Certain modules rely on AI for improved perception and decision-making performance, while formal algorithms are present throughout the system to ensure safety. aiDrive is deployable on a modular basis or as standalone self-driving systems offering unrivaled flexibility for our partners in achieving their self-driving goals.


Safe and efficient development pipeline relies on simulation

Safety is our highest priority. Our development pipeline is defined by traditional functional safety engineering and accelerated by test-driven development utilizing our innovative simulator aiSim. New features and requirements are defined by our Safety Team. Once coding begins, a series of feedback loops ensure our teams have the largest amount of data possible. New functions are tested on thousands of scenarios in modeled real-world locations before roads tests. Thus, aiSim acts as a safety barrier by allowing only mature builds onto public roads. This ensures that any issues are dealt with quickly. To learn more about our pipeline read Ensuring Safe Self-Driving on AImotive Insights!


Testing on public roads builds trust in automated systems

aiDrive is continuously tested on AImotive’s fleet of test vehicles. The company holds testing licenses in four countries on three continents including Hungary, Finland and the states of California and Nevada. aiDrive is on highways daily at several of these locations. The highway autopilot solution of the modular self-driving software stack is also being tested in France through our partnership with Groupe PSA. aiDrive’s autonomous valet parking solution has been showcased in Hungary, the US and Japan, while our solutions have also proven themselves on closed courses in Asia. AImotive Fleet will continue to grow with public road testing in Japan.