Self-driving platform for all levels of autonomy

Self-driving platform for all levels of autonomy

Revolutionary virtual sensor technology brings unparalleled data reusability for all levels of autonomy and different types of sensor setups. Our multi-sensor model-space network (MS²N) provides synchronized and robust AI-based perception and fusion. As a result, aiDrive 3.0 is not just safe and reusable, but also light-weight: the whole stack only requires low-power chips (less than 30W) for full L3 functionality. aiDrive is deployed by OEM, Tier1 and Tier2 automotive customers in production environments. aiDrive is OS and platform agnostic, has been ported to all major real-time operating systems, and supports NVIDIA, Qualcomm, TI, Nextchip and Renesas chips among others.


Software modules reusable at any level of automated driving


Virtualized sensor for maximum reuse across projects


Tested through large-scale simulation and in-house fleet

Automotive grade 

Development process according to ASPICE and ISO26262    


Full-stack solution under 30 Watts

Superior performance

Outstanding detection KPIs in diverse operational design domains

Driving your development

Features & benefits

Each of our products is designed to accelerate the realization of your automated driving goals. Scroll down and see what we can bring to the table.

Multi-Sensor Model-Space Network (MS²N)

State-of-the-art perception serves as the foundation of all automated driving solutions. All aiDrive implementations are built on our Multi-Sensor Model-Space Neural Network (MS²N), ensuring that we deliver the safest, most robust solutions on the market.
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We understand general ADAS, Euro NCAP and GSR requirements and design aiDrive at scale – from supporting SAE L0 to L2 features (starting from smart reversing aid cameras with ultra-low power SoC-s) up to complex multi-camera and multi-sensor systems.
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Highway and Traffic Jam Assist

SAE L2+/L3 solutions for full-speed automated driving, as proven on European and US roads. Evolutionary improvement is ensured by working closely with renowned automotive OEMs and Tier1s to match or outperform industry-leading driving solutions in current production vehicles. aiDrive provides functionalities including lane keeping, intelligent cruise control with traffic light and traffic sign detection, automated lane changes, merge and fork handling, and highway interchange management on entries, exits and ramps.
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Automated Valet Parking

Tired of the time-consuming hassle of searching for a parking space? We believe this problem will be amongst the first to be tackled by SAE L4 systems for structured indoor and outdoor environments. aiDrive's unique Automated Valet Parking concept offers all of these features: dropping off the driver, searching for and maneuvering into a parking space, then returning to the driver when summoned. Our system relies on in-vehicle intelligence instead of infrastructure investment, enabling quick scaling in your target markets.
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