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Location: Budapest, Hungary

HD Map Creator

As AImotive is an AI company, we are dependent on high-quality data to use in our solutions. Some of our data comes from HD (high-definition) maps that contain various 3D information about the vehicle's complex surroundings, e.g. positions and types of traffic lanes and road signs. We are looking for a motivated individual to join our HD mapping team, which is responsible for delivering these maps. Your work will be crucial in our efforts as many of our departments use these maps on a daily basis.

Job Summary

  • Create, expand and maintain our in-house HD map by labelling spatial information by hand. 
  • Deliver HD mapping projects according to project deadlines.
  • Help in designing new ways of working for the changing requirements.

Key Qualifications

  • Bachelor's degree
  • Precise and conscientious working attitude
  • Tolerance for monotony
  • Proactivity in problem solving

Considered as a plus

  • Mapping experience or relevant studies

What we offer

  • The opportunity to solve difficult problems with immediate real-world applications
  • Competitive salary, share option and fitness opportunities
  • Work on the hottest applied research problem at one of the fastest growing startup in Europe
  • Develop solutions for the largest car manufacturers and their suppliers in the US, Europe and Asia
  • Test your solution in realistic simulated scenarios and a fleet of cars across multiple continents every day
  • Submit patents of new solutions
  • We believe: people over process, we are keen to maintain a work-life balance

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