AI and Image Processing Research Scientist


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Location: Budapest, Hungary

AI and Image Processing Research Scientist

aiDrive is an inherently scalable self-driving full-stack software offered to automotive OEMs and Tier1s. Utilizing an economical vision-first redundant sensor setup aiDrive offers a safe autonomous experience. Relying on powerful artificial intelligence and robust sensor fusion it is prepared for self-driving in any environment, climate, or driving culture. Its simulator tested and real-world proven autonomous valet parking and highway autopilot capabilities are under constant public road testing in Hungary and in the US.
Learn more about how aiDrive accelerates Sony’s VISION-S Prototype.

Job Summary

  • Research and develop image processing and artificial intelligence algorithms
  • Search and prototype implementations, test results, according to recent literature task
  • Experiment with different options and find the optimal solution for a given task

Key Qualifications

  • MSC in Software engineering or similar field
  • Excellent mathematical skills
  • Knowledge of image processing and artificial intelligence
  • Intermediate English skills
  • Experience with C++ or Python/Matlab

Considered as a plus

  • Experience in image processing and artificial intelligence R&D area
  • Experience with GPGPU (OpenCL, CUDA)
  • Experience with Python, Matlab
  • Familiarity with neural network framework such as TensorFlow, PyTorch, Caffe, Theano
  • Ability to work independently and systematically

What We Offer

  •  Competitive salary, share option and fitness opportunities
  • Free lunch every workday at one of the best all you can eat restaurants in Budapest
  •  Work on the hottest applied research problem at one of the fastest growing startups in Europe
  •  Develop solutions for the largest car manufacturers and their suppliers in the US, Europe and Asia
  •  Test your solution in realistic simulated scenarios and a fleet of cars across multiple continents every day
  •  Visit relevant international conferences, submit patents of new solutions
  •  We believe: people over process, we are keen to maintain work-life balance

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